Monday, May 26, 2008

The First Broken Bone

Always said it would be daughter number 2. Fell off the monkey bars on the swingset in the back yard Sunday evening. I spent Sunday night in the ER getting a cast on her right forearm. Nice clean break. Not near the growth plate.

Going to see a friend this week to have it set -- he's the dad of a pre-K classmate.

Funny thing is -- on Friday we almost joined a swim club, but I forgot the check book. So, I brought the paperwork home. Now, I'm wondering if it's worth it to join with the five year old in a cast for six weeks.

Perfect start to summer, don'tcha think?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brownie Camporee

So, here we are.  Getting ready for the big Brownie Camporee.  Two nights and two days in the wilds of Pennsylvania.  Parents were made to read and discuss with their girls "Living with Pennsylvania's Brown Bears".  Rumor has it that a brownie broke the rules last year, had candy wrappers in her sleeping bag in her tent and the bear made off with only the sleeping bag once she grabbed onto a tree.  (The tents are open on both ends.)  

My idea of camping is a hotel without room service.  Daughter No. 1 can't wait to go on this adventure.  I mentioned the pit latrines outlined in the memo.  I mentioned the bears and the bugs.  She still wants to go.  So now I'm packing what seems like enough stuff for an army for one eight year old girl for two nights.  

Of course, during the same weekend as the Camporee, the Little One has birthday parties on Saturday and Sunday for friends.  I have my niece's wedding shower on Sunday (see wedding shawl post above) and the usual weekend stuff.

The wedding shawl is coming along.  I have ripped it twice now.  I have one and a half repeats done at this point and I like how it looks now.  However, I need to speed up the knitting.  Problem is I can't do lace while I'm at the shop -- too many interruptions.  

Let's hope the bears stay in the woods this weekend.