Thursday, January 24, 2008

Little Knitting Getting Done

Somehow, I can't even concentrate on my simple socks while I'm here at MUC with mom and dad.  The news is not good and we have put everything into God's hands.  While I do not wear my faith on my sleeve, it is times like this that I find comfort.  

It's tough to deal with my mom.  This is all so hard and so foreign to her.  We're having a party on Sunday to celebrate life and have some smiles.  

The Coke still isn't frozen.  

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JoAnn, Wynnewood said...

Funny about that coke not freezing. Sorry about your dad. Having been there with my mom, who was married to my dad for 62 years I thought she wouldn't last a year without him. That was 10 years ago and, like the eveready bunnie, she's still going at 95. Its sad when someone is ill, but obviously they've lived a long life with their children grown, their grandchildren around them. What more can someone ask for? My niece had cancer and died at the age of 45 with 3 young children. I'll take your father's longevity over hers. I hope he springs back and reacts positively to the chemo but he has lived a long life. All that said - it ain't easy - for anyone involved. I still miss my dad.