Tuesday, March 18, 2014

From the Middle of the Sandwich

I'm prompted to start writing again thanks to a friend who muses about my Facebook posts -- most of which these days involve being in the middle of the sandwich generation.  So, here's a quick update and I'll try to be better about blogging.

Three years ago, I learned that God did not mean for me to work full time.  My mother's health was in decline and my girls needed me a bit more.  Therefore, I am practicing law part time and being a full time sandwich.

Here's what 2013 brought for me:

  • May - Mom has a stroke same week Daughter 1 graduates from 8th grade.
  • June - We convince Mom she needs to move from the Jersey Shore to the Philly area, since living by yourself after you've had a stroke which causes the doctors to say you can't drive isn't a good idea.  
  • July - Pack up Mom's house
  • August - Move Mom into a lovely Philadelphia area continuing care community in her own beautiful one bedroom apartment (which for the first month, is referred to as The Prison).
  • September - Daughter 1 starts high school.  Daughter 2 starts 5th grade.  Back to school craziness.
  • October - During weekend that Dear Sister is having baby shower for Wonderful Niece, Dearest Brother-in-Law has a major heart attack, necessitating triple bypass and valve replacement.
  • November - Mom has a stroke on hubby's birthday and spends a week in the hospital.  Doctor's release her to rehab and she wants to know why we put her in this New Prison!
  • December - Mom has a couple of TIAs.
  • January - Philadelphia gets snow, snow and more snow.
  • February - Mom spends 10 of 28 days in the hospital and gets a new diagnosis - cancer.  A week after the cancer diagnosis - we had two strokes (including a nasty fall.)

So, anytime I can string two weeks together without having to visit the ER or be at the hospital with mom, are good times for me.

In the meantime, this winter has worn me down so I broke down and ordered seeds from Burpee. Below is my soon to be lovely lettuce blend.  Let's hope I don't kill them.

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