Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Gague Goddess and the Frog Pond

OK. I was stupid. I admit it. The last attempt at the Calorimetry went to the Frog Pond because it was smaller than the first one, but still too big for any human head I have seen. Last night, I broke down, did the unthinkable and knit a swatch. I am bound and determined to use the yarn I have, so I then sat down and did some math.

There. I said it. I knit a swatch and did knitting math both in one night. Is there ice in h*ll? That said, I'm almost done with the third attempt. My version of Calorimetry, involves size 6 (US) needles and casting on 100 stitches. Then I followed the pattern as stated until I had 30 stitches behind the markers and 40 in the middle. Then started the increasing as in the pattern. I'm about two rows from done and it actually looks like it might work this time. I'll try for a photo later today if I get it done, if not tomorrow.

It's knitting up fast and I should get them done for Christmas.

On another note, the hounds are in the proverbial dog house. Came home the other day and somehow, one of them had pulled my beautiful wood swift out of its box behind the couch and gnawed it to death. My swift is beyond repair. I'm in mourning. When that passes, I'll buy a new swift. No cookies for the hounds this week.

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