Monday, April 7, 2008

Yet Another Shrug (No Photo)

There has been knitting in the house! Much jubilation. I cast on the Baby Alpaca Grande Shrug from Plymouth in a varigated colorway which the color card does not do justice to, for my mom on Easter night. I finished over the weekend and mailed it to her today. It is such an easy and addicting knit. It's amazing what you can do with ribbing and chunky yarn. Mom picked out the pattern and the yarn during the grand opening of the store.

I've come to consider this shrug knitting crack. It goes very fast and when you get done, you want more. After knitting socks and mittens and other things on nothing thicker than sport weight yarn, having a project finish this quickly is very gratifying.

Next quick knit up -- worsted weight socks for the 8 year old to sleep in. She grabbed something unlabeled from the stash. Other than the fact that it's 100% wool and varigated blue, not much I can say about the yarn. I love kid socks -- they go fast. More knitting crack.

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