Monday, July 28, 2008

102 Uses for Cable Needles

I am part of the "sangwich" (for those of you who grew up in Italian households) or sandwich generation.  My mother is in her mid-80s.  My mother-in-law is 80.  My kids are in elementary school.  Nuf said.  

Saturday, we moved MIL to an assisted living facility from her apartment.  It was time.  She had to give up driving and needed more help around the house.  So, off to Lancaster to pack up the apartment and move.  

Sign it's not going to be a good day -- sister-in-law calls as we are en route.  Mom has fallen and is on her way to the ER.  (End result, many bumps and bruises, a black eye and two stitches in the lip.)  We head up and start packing.  

Man at assisted living facility says, pull under the portico and park near the handicapped spots.  Portico has no signs for height.  Rental truck needs clearance of 11 feet.  Many seniors on front porch watching as we arrive.  Loud, grinding sound.  Stop truck.  Realize truck is wedged under flashing of end of portico.  By about 1/4 of an inch.  

Dear husband tries to let air out of tires -- turns to me and says, do you have an extra knitting needle?  Now, what kind of question is that. I take out my knitting tackle bag and pull out two cable needles.  The straight-ish ones with the bump in the center.  Hand one to husband.  Hand one to brother in law.  Air successfully released from tires and truck unstuck.  

It was a long, hot day.  MIL got moved in successfully.  We returned home with a 14 foot long truck filled with stuff, some of which is now at the shop.  I'm rearranging bookcases this morning.  What fun.

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