Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Go Racine Scouts!

So, I mentioned that a friend from college had started this alumni website.  Well, ran into another choir alumni who now lives in Wisconsin and spends her summers as the manager of the Racine Scouts.   They are the oldest, continually performing drum and bugle corps in the United States.

Did I mention that we were in a touring choir together?  And the university's Marching Band, where the director was famous for yelling "THE BUS WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU.  SO. HELP ME. GOD."  

Now, I had the pleasure of watching Andrea yell at 80 kids between the ages of 14 and 21 about getting on the bus to go get showers at the Y after a practice performance behind an Episcopal Church in the Philly Suburbs where they were staying on their way to a performance in Wildwood, NJ.  

In some ways, it was like the time never passed.  Andrea was a dear friend in college and I have missed her over the years.  In other ways, age has taken its toll on us.  Anyway -- here's two friends happy to have seen each other.  And happy that the internet can keep us in contact.

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