Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Birthday Post

With age comes wisdom.  I am one year wiser today.  It has been a hell of a year.  I left behind a career of 20 years to embark on a new venture as the owner of a yarn store. My dad was diagnosed with leukemia and died within a month of the diagnosis.  I learned how wonderful and caring the staff at a major university hospital can be.

I learned much in life from my family.  My daughters have shown me that there is joy in the small and simple.  That logic need not be difficult.  That living in the moment is a beautiful thing.  

My husband has taught me so many things -- including that it takes courage to pursue a dream and supporting someone pursuing a dream is a worthwhile cause.  

I hope I have learned to be more patient.  I hope I have learned to love more freely and be more giving of myself to others.  

I hope there will be many more birthdays, despite looking at the near side of 50.

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meg said...

Happy Birthday, Diana! I hope you enjoyed your dinner. :)